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Fall 2011 Update

Better get to the fall update before it’s officially winter in just three weeks! Here are a few tidbits from APBP over the past few months: 1) Our paperwork has been submitted for 501c3 status, thanks to  Dominique Bruno, James Holsinger, and the WVU Student Law Clinic. 2) We had a benefit concert performed by … Continue reading

Summer update from APBP

Change is in the hot, muggy, summer air at APBP! Here’s an update on some recent happenings: 1. Our summer doctoral student interns, Dominique and James, have been working diligently on getting paperwork together for our hopeful transition to official 501c3 status, which means that we would be a full-recognized nonprofit that can offer tax deductions … Continue reading

APBP Spring Update

Since we’re only two weeks until summer now, I better hurry up and get this spring update posted before spring is no more! APBP is still going strong. Here are few happenings: We’ve had several new volunteers be trained in the fine art of book packing over the past couple months, and lots of letters … Continue reading