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10,000 books and counting!

APBP just sent out its 10,000th book! Many thanks to all the volunteers who come in week after week to answer letters, pack books, haul them down to the post office, etc, and also to all the donors who make sure that we have enough money in the bank account to pay for postage. We … Continue reading

APBP is an official 501c3 organization!

Katy Ryan, APBP founder and amazing woman all around, sent out the following notice on our mailing list today regarding our successful application for 501c3 nonprofit organization status. I’m just cutting and pasting the message here, because there are LOTS of people who need to be thanked and she did the best job of thanking … Continue reading

Fall 2011 Update

Better get to the fall update before it’s officially winter in just three weeks! Here are a few tidbits from APBP over the past few months: 1) Our paperwork has been submitted for 501c3 status, thanks to  Dominique Bruno, James Holsinger, and the WVU Student Law Clinic. 2) We had a benefit concert performed by … Continue reading

Summer update from APBP

Change is in the hot, muggy, summer air at APBP! Here’s an update on some recent happenings: 1. Our summer doctoral student interns, Dominique and James, have been working diligently on getting paperwork together for our hopeful transition to official 501c3 status, which means that we would be a full-recognized nonprofit that can offer tax deductions … Continue reading