Financial Donations

Click the “Donate” button above to be taken to the official website, where you can make a donation to APBP right now! Donations of all sizes are accepted and appreciated. Remember, it only takes a couple dollars to mail a book and make a positive difference in the lives of the people we serve. Of course, larger donations are always welcome, too!  :-)

Checks can also be mailed to APBP; PO Box 601; Morgantown WV 26507, made out to Appalachian Prison Book Project.

(Donations are tax-deductible. Scroll down for more information.)

Book Donations

APBP only accepts paperback books. We have little storage space, so we have to limit the number and type of books that we accept. We can always use paperback dictionaries. As for other books, we generally can accept:

  • Spanish-English dictionaries
  • westerns
  • GED prep guides
  • books on how to draw or learn music
  • wiccan books
  • popular fiction (spy, mystery, fantasy, urban).

If you mail books, please use regular post office delivery and not UPS. (UPS won’t deliver to our PO Box.) If you have questions about donations, please contact

Please be aware that books should NOT be left on the porch of The Aull Center after hours. The Morgantown Public Library has graciously donated a space to us, and that was one of their few requests. They are so good to us, please respect those wishes. Normal operating hours are as follows:

Monday 9 – 7
Tuesday 9 – 7
Wednesday 9 – 7
Thursday 9 – 4
Friday 9 – 4
Saturday 9 – 1

For IRS letter confirming that your donation is tax-deductible, click picture below. (You may have to zoom in.) Our 501(c)3 number is 45-4090618.


17 responses to “Donate

  1. steve tancin

    Do you accept books? fiction, sci-fi, history, mystery


    • Appalachian Prison Book Project

      Hi Steve,
      Yes, we do accept all kinds of books! They can be dropped off during our open office hours in Morgantown, or other arrangements may possibly be made if that is not feasible. Please email to inquire as to the hours and let us know what you have. I’m not sure if that email is checked daily, but I’m sure it is checked at least weekly and probably more, so someone should get back to you in good time. Thanks!

  2. wendy desrochers

    I don’t know if you are able to pick books up in Ohio or Pennsylvania, but contact ant Half Price Books nearest you- always eager to donate books for good causes!

    • wendy desrochers

      (oops!- ‘any’ not ‘ant’)

    • Appalachian Prison Book Project

      Hi Wendy! Thanks for the suggestion. Depending upon the location in OH or PA, that may not be a bad idea! I will check it out. Thanks for the suggestion and sorry it took so long to answer your comment–the blog hasn’t been updated in too long!🙂

  3. solittletime

    Do you accept book donations with labels?

    • Appalachian Prison Book Project

      I don’t see why not! And so sorry it took so long to get back to you. I have just logged into the blog for the first time in too long!🙂

  4. Sarabande Books in Louisville, KY would love to donate a good grip of books. Where can we send them? Thanks,

  5. Amy Brown

    I would like to donate law books (from law school) for prison use, but I live in knoxville TN. They are too heavy to mail. Do u know of any drop off places? the textbooks are not state-specific (constitutional law, criminal procedure, etc.)

    • Appalachian Prison Book Project

      Hi Amy, I will look into it and see what I can find. Our organization does not have any affiliate in TN but there may be a similar group in the region. Let me check it out and get back to you!

  6. Jessica

    Do you prefer a certain type of book (like educational or self-help), or do you accept others?

    • Appalachian Prison Book Project

      Hi Jessica, We accept all types of books. However, it is often more difficult to get hardcover books into the prisons, so softcover is preferred. Thanks for asking!

  7. Kristin Poerschke

    Can I send a check donation to the same name and address to send books?

    • Appalachian Prison Book Project

      Hi Kristin. Yes, that P.O. Box would be the same name/address for check donations, as well. Thank you!

  8. Judy hart

    I would like to know if you accept Louie Lamor westerns, J T Edson western books. Paperback. Also Christian books?

    • Appalachian Prison Book Project

      Hello Judy! Sorry for the late reply. Yes, we can accept those kinds of books–particularly if they’re in paperback, as most prisons will not accept hardback books.

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