Quotes from Letters to APBP

* I am a mother of 3 and I need the following: Parenting, Parents, Child, Family Fun, Family Circle, Working Mother, etc. in magazines. Old is fine . . . Potty Training—anything for 2-5 years old—Help! . . . (Virginia)

* I stayed up and read the book all night. I really did enjoy the book and I thank you again. I love reading . . . I have one more request, for a Scrabble dictionary that would stop a lot of fighting here, when they are playing the game. (West Virginia)

* Thank you for your concern for those of us on the other side of the wall. (Ohio)

* Since I am in a 9×12 cell 24/7 with no TV and walkmen, I have very little to do but read . . . .I sleep eighteen to twenty hours a day, give or take a few. And I have nine years to go. So, I want to learn a few things. (Virginia)

* I received your book, To Kill a Mockingbird, one week ago today. It was an excellent book, one I had never read before. I was unaware of all the awards it had won, which made the reading all the more enjoyable. I have passed the book along to another already, and look to continue so until I donate it to our library. (Ohio)

* I was quite surprised, and very pleased, to hear back from you so quickly . . . I have passed the first book I received on to two others so far, and plan to do so until the cover falls off! (The library here can fix it up when I donate it.) I am thrilled to hear that you are hoping to start-up a pen-pal program!! As a child growing up in the suburbs of Cleveland, our neighbors were of West Virginia descent. The best neighbors I have ever had! (Ohio)

* I was glad to learn that a program like yours has finally taken root in West Virginia. There is a newspaper article posted here in the library . . . You’re doing a good thing! (West Virginia)

* As a inmate doing time I pass my time by reading because it keeps me out of trouble and it opens my mind to new things. When I get into a good book I am transported away from this place to the places in the books. I read about 2 to 3 books a week. (West Virginia)

* I was advised to contact you regarding receipt of “Puzzle Books.” . . . I have been confined for more than 35 years and this is the first such organization that I have known, or heard of, that provides any type of books to inmates. Most of my family members have passed away during my confinement. (Virginia)

* I would love 2 receive some of your free books. My family has little money so I cant afford books 2 read. I love reading because it takes your mind from being locked up, and it’s fundamental. (Virginia)

* First, thank you for all that you do to help and reach a lot of people with your kindness and good will. May God keep always blessing you . . . I am 41 years old and I am trying to get my GED since I never went to school. I want to better myself and be a more prepared person. I think that never is too late. (Pennsylvania)

* I would like to receive a book with poems in them. Romantic poems, Friendly poems, Spiritual poems. POEMS ONLY BOOK! At least 200 or 300 or more. (Virginia)

* I do not have any funds (as you notice with the institution providing the postage fee on the outer envelope.) And I was just wondering just what type of books you could offer for free, because more than anything at the moment—I very much need a Dictionary. I enjoy writing but not very good at spelling. (Maryland)

* I love to read but due to a lack of finances, I can not order books from a publishing house. I greatly admire James Herriot and I have a hard time finding his work. (Maryland)